So I Married an O’Quinn

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We did it! Brian & I got married on January 14, 2018, at Paul Davis Park in Garden Ridge, Texas. It was a delightful day of sunshine, BBQ, champagne (so much Cava…), jenga blocks, and a wonderful collection of all our favorite people. And while no event is perfect perfect, our wedding was pretty close to perfection.

One perfect thing? Brian’s cousin Leyna got ordained for the wedding. We drank some mimosas a few weeks before, went over the ceremony. And somehow she took our mimosa ramblings & turned it into an absolutely lovely ceremony.

Antoher perfect thing? Our photographer. Heather of Writ Studio. Heather is a dear friend & former coworker from College Station. She’s shot many of my favorite photos over the year (Whole30 Brunch; Chicago; Headshots) and was the only choice for our wedding photographer. She did a fabulous job & surpassed my expectations.

Here’s a selection of my favorite photos from the day: