Nothing New in 2018

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My word for 2018 is Small.To help me create a small life, I set three general guidelines, and I plan to focus on certain elements over the year. Up first: Buy nothing new in 2018.

I’ve seen a few people set a goal of “No Shopping January” or “No New Clothes in 2018.” I decided to go to the extreme in order to stop the cycle of living beyond my means: Buy Nothing New in 2018.

Here’s what that means to me:

I can buy in person:

  • Vintage. Thrifted. Used. (Example: Thrift shops & Craigslist are fair game, with no rules.)
  • Handmade. Artisan. Local. (Example: If I’m at a craft fair & want to #shoplocal I can.)
  • House things I need at a discount store. (Example: Home Goods for a laundry hamper but not a cute lamp.)

I can buy online:

  • Usable items that aren’t more expensive online. (Example: Polaroid camera film.)
  • Rare exceptions of things I’ve already earmarked. (Example: I was already planning to purchase an Apple TV so that we can switch our streaming to Sling in 2018.)

I’m still trying to decide if I’m allowing myself clothing at a discount store (Example: TJ Maxx). I want to avoid a strict “no” but I also know clothing is my main weakness. So I’m proceeding cautiously and mindfully forward with a soft “no new clothing” guideline for now.

Books are my second weakness. I can buy books using the “Thrifted” and “Used” allowance (Example: Half Priced Books & Goodwill) but cannot buy them “Used” on Amazon, since that isn’t in person. This will help me to change my behavior, which is the ultimate goal.

I’ve already succeeded with this guideline in January & it honestly wasn’t very hard. I’m hoping that feeling continues & at the end of 2018 I have a greater appreciation for buying less.