Miami Honeymoon 2018

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After our wedding, Brian & I ran away to Miami for our honeymoon. Here’s a quick recap:

Day 1

We arrived in Miami on a Monday evening. Blame it on wedding fatigue, but Brian tricked me into renting a sports car & we zoomed our way to South Beach, where we spent a night at the Clay Hotel. It was a festive night of Cuban food at Havana 1957 & a quick walk to the beach. The music in the alley kept us up & we fell asleep excited about the week to come.

Day 2

Tuesday started with a tour of the Everglades. All I wanted when going to Florida was to get on an airboat & go out into the Everglades. And it was AMAZING. We saw so many Alligators; some Crocodiles (because American Crocodiles are a real thing apparently); and an actual blue herring. After, on our way to the Florida Keys, we stopped at Schnebly Redland’s Winery and then the Miami Brewing Company, which both surpassed expectations & were delightful.

Day 3

Wednesday was our day to soak up the sun & enjoy the Florida Keys… except it was too cold & so we took to our sports car to make a drive down to Key West and back. Much to our display, we absolutely hated Key West & basically killed time at the nicest restaurant we could find (Chef Michael’s in Islamorado, which was amazing) until we could head back to Miami.

Day 4

On our way back to Miami, we made a detour to Key Biscayne to climb the Cape Florida Lighthouse & peer over the sea to Stiltsville. It was still pretty cold, but the sun was out & we made the best of it. After checking into our South Beach hotel – Royal Palm South Beach – we wandered around the city in search of food & drinks. My favorite find of the day was by far was Sweet Liberty. We also ventured to Mango’s to watch Latin dancing & had more Cuban food at Gloria Estafan’s Lario’s on the Beach (loved it). Unfortunately for us, we didn’t make it out past midnight & fell asleep full, tipsy and happy while the city partied away without us.

Day 5

We started Friday with a lovely food tour of Little Havana, which was amazing & I highly recommend it. Ball & Chain is high on our “must visit again” list. We spent some time in our hotel’s hot tub (since it was still too cold to swim in the ocean) before heading out to our last night in Miami. We got dressed up, went to a lovely dinner at Tatel … and then fell asleep to HGTV. By the end of Day 5, we’d had our fill & just couldn’t muster the energy to go back out at 2am.

Day 6

As almost an afterthought, we stopped by Wynwood on our way out of Miami. I’d read that Wynwood was a great place to see local street art & some curated exhibits. What we found was our absolute favorite spot in Miami — Wynwood Walls & Wynwood Diner — which both broke our heart and gives us the perfect excuse to go back. We ran around the neighborhood until we had to start heading to the airport… and eventually home.

Here’s a gallery of my favorite photos from our time: