My Word for 2018

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I’m easing my way into 2018 – I’m “behind” where I a usually am at this point. I’ve yet to finish my “2017 in Review” and am just now finalizing my Word for 2018. I’m behind those usual tasks because I’ve been focusing on a more unusual one: getting married & going on my honeymoon. And what a fabulous way to start a year! Living my life. Focused on nothing more than experiencing this season of celebrating a new marriage. It has been a perfect beginning to 2018.

Looking back to my 2017 journals, my Word for 2018 starts to come up around October. It started showing up in all my reading & writing; it continued to pique my curiosity and resonate with me as the year ended.

That word is: Small.

I’ve always been a girl obsessed with BIG: BIG dreams. BIG personality. BIG ambitions. BIG promises. BIG goals. BIG appetite. BIG lists. BIG plans. And honestly, BIG has served me well. It drove me through my undergrad years, into the start of my career, over to Austin, through grad school and eventually to my current BIG corporate job. Without these BIG goals, ideas, pursuits and so on, I would never have accomplished so much. I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

But my season has changed. My season of BIG is over. Now is my season of Small.

Small — something I can savor. Something I can easily articulate. Hold in the palm of my hand with clarity and certainty. A life concentrated in meaning, purpose, and joy. One without excess. A life where I experience just enough. A contented life with meaning & delight.

At the end of 2018, I hope to have created a Small life. A life with less debt. Less pressure. Less plans. Less stuff. And by creating that Small life, I want to allow for a life of more of what matters.

Here’s how I intend to create a Small life:

  1. Decide on what truly matters. Actively prioritize those things.
  2. Reduce the excess. Reduce my debt, my stuff, my consumption.
  3. Stop the cycle of BIG. Buy nothing new in 2018. And don’t set any new goals.

Most of this is contrary to how I’ve always done things; it will upset my habits and may even challenge my personality. But that’s what I’m hoping to do. I want to break my cycle of BIG and create a life of Small.

I’m giving myself the space to experiment. The permission to fail. I’m focusing on making small changes without the pressure of defined, specific results.

Let’s see how it goes.

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