Why I’m Getting Married Again

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When Brian asked me to marry him in April, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation. I said “Yes” and that was that.

Since April, while my “Yes” has never wavered, I’ve been asking myself “Why? Why am I getting married again?” And here’s what I’d settled on:

I’m getting married because I want to. It’s as simple as that.

I absolutely adore Brian & am in love with him in an unexpected way. He threw my whole routine off. He is a complete person who complements the woman I’ve become. He shows me movies & music & thoughts & ideas previously unknown to me. He challenges me and loves me. He makes me want to be his wife.

We’ve spent over a year together, getting to know each other. Slowly joining our lives into a joint venture. Laying the path for a future. Making memories along the way. Brian gives me this and so much more.

So that’s what I want in marriage: a present with a future based on a shared past. And that’s exactly what I have with Brian & exactly why I’m getting married again.