Tackling the Oscars

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Media binge = a weekend splurge
Media marathon = a multi-month investment of time, sweat and tears

For those of you new around here, I try to see every movie nominated for an Oscar every year. I’ve never had a 100% completion rate, but it’s something I still strive for. And the season of my favorite media marathon is here. Predications are starting to be made & lists are being created.

This year, I’m managing my list on a Google docs spreadsheet. I’ve organized the list by “In Theaters” vs. “Streaming” because a lot of potential nominees are already on one of the streaming channels (Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, HBO… for now). It’s a living document, but at the moment contains:

  • 85 potential Oscar nominees I have not seen
  • And a meager 21 potential Oscar nominees I have seen

Once the nominees are out, I’ll start #amyreneoscars back up (see 2017 here) and start a running list of short reviews for the movies I’ve seen. Until then, you can peak at my initial Oscars 2018 list now.