Planning for the Wedding

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We’re just about to hit the two month countdown to our wedding. Two months until we throw a big party. Two months until I become a step-mom. Two months until I’m Brian’s wife.

Our vision is to create a celebration of our love with close family & friends. We host a lot of barbecues at our home, and wanted to do the same on January 14. Brian is getting a barbecue trailer to cook for everyone. We’ve been putting together our playlists (listen to them here). And despite my best effort to stress, it really will be a lovely day.

It’s easy for me to get obsessed and start making to-do lists, checklists, diagrams & grids. It’s how I process information that I can’t contain in my head. Most of them are trash, but some of them help me sort through ideas. While obsessing over one such list, Brian told me to just “sit down and do something” so I’d feel better. (And, after doing a few things, I did.)

Wedding invitation proofs. We go the invitations from

Things we’ve already done:

  • Send out invitations
  • Book the honeymoon plane tickets
  • Buy Brian’s ring
  • Reserve the park (thanks Grandma!)

Things we haven’t done yet:

  • Buy my dress (I’m buying one from Fame & Partners)
  • Finish the decor plans & get all our other reservations set up
  • Make the menu
  • Finish booking the honeymoon
  • Plus a million other things that’ll eventually happen

So that’s what happening over here! Wish me luck!