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Last fall, my boyfriend of 3 months asked if I wanted to see his new place. He took me to an area of Austin I’d never seen before. We turned off the main road — and continued to drive 10 more minutes into the belly of a neighborhood that immediately felt familiar. The road dead ended at the lake, we turned left, and a minute later I saw it: home.

Brian & Amy on the couch

It took a mere 15 minutes of showing me around the house before I simply said, “I’m moving in.” It wasn’t a discussion, wasn’t a question, or an offer. It was a declaration. I’ve now lived in the treehouse by the lake with Brian (now my fiancé) for a over a year. A wonderful year that filled me back up with the feeling of home.

Woodford in front of the fireplace

Over the past year, I’ve indulged in being at home. I spend more time snuggled in my living room, Brian & Woodford nearby, than anywhere else. I burn hand-poured, artisan candles. We sit by the fireplace, soaking in its warmth. Woodford sits on the porch, sun bathing. Brian grills me another perfect meal. I rearrange a room on a whim. We fall asleep in peace. All my favorite activities happen here.

Brian grilling at home

This is my current season in life. Investing in home.