A Year in the Life // Year 8

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I honestly can’t believe that 8 years ago, Danzig Allen was born. I became an aunt. My sister became a mom. My family came together & has honestly continued to stay strong – all because of a shared love for this little blonde boy.

Danzig is often the one to escape to the back room to play video games at any gathering. But he’s generous in spirit & wants to share experiences. Digital or not. He has a big heart. A love for his sister that breaks my heart. And is just an all-around wonderful kid.

As I’ve don’t for the last 8 years, here’s a few pictures from his last year:

(Lots of walls from the Austin graffiti wall. I think it’s the only reason he visits us in Austin.)

And here’s his ENTIRE LIFE in photos: First | Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh