29: My Year of Delight

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A year ago, I published 28: My Year of Exploration & Freedom as I said goodbye to 27 and hello to 28. While wandering around Portland for my 28th birthday, I wrote:

“I can’t explain the power I feel right now. I’m assured — actually thinking of my future self in a real vivid way. I don’t feel sorry for myself or like I’m recovering from a loss. I’m instead finding myself feeling free.”

It was a transformative, healing trip. It set me up for an amazing end to 2017. Soon after, I met Brian, moved to the lake house & really began to understand myself again.

December 2016

Today, I turn 29. I’ve just had an amazing few months. April brought an engagement. May, a trip to Paris & a completed graduate degree. June brought a new job offer! A birthday is a nice token at the end of these life events to mark the progress I’ve made.

I’m about to start two new chapters: a new marriage & a new job. I may even throw a new house into the mix. My life is going in a solid direction, guided by goals, priorities & lists. But now that I’ve checked those things off, I want to focus on another element: Delight.

January 2017

Delight is something I want to embrace as I near the turn into my 30’s. I’ve spent so much on the past few years determined to get things right. Survive in the moment. Meet those goals & deadlines. But I’m entering a stage that doesn’t require me to be as focused. I’ve done the work — now I can delight in it.

I want to dive deeper into books. Write more in my journal. Meditate to quiet my mind so there’s space for inspiration! I want to continue to learn about who I am. I want to be an amazing wife. And I want to build a life around me that’s sustainable yet awe inspiring. I want to care deeply about the things I love. I want to live life full of flavor, uniqueness, that draws others toward me & that leaves me energized!

I want to be able to go to bed each night delighted with my day.

May 2017 in Paris, France

After establishing my word for the year, I decided to draw a Tarot card. I wanted to see if I was on the right path, thinking the right thing. And sure enough, I ended up drawing the Nine of Cups:

The Nine of Cups represents stability and advancement. This card signals delight and pleasure, contentment with what you have accomplished so far and forms a steady foundation for the future. Your worries are all in the past and you can look forward to a bright future.

Literally the perfect card for my birthday.

So here’s to 29. I hope it treats me as well as last year did!