State of the Galaxy: March 2017

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In conjunction with my already defined identity dimensions, my monthly State of the Galaxy reports will help me stay focused and thriving in 2017. Read more about my Identity Galaxy theory.

I wrote out 6 goals for March. I barely crossed 3 off the list. BUT, unlike February, March was not wasted. I came out a much better person than I went in.

Physical: Document daily in My Fitness Pal / Do Walking Lunches ❌

In March, I explored the concept of slowness & embraced home as my sanctuary. Instead of documenting in My Fitness Pal and doing walking lunches, I decided to jump into a Whole30.

Doing Whole30 as a weigh-loss tactic helped me explore slowness by forcing me to cook all my meals and focus on the things closet to me.

Occupational: Add to my portfolio ❌

I finished my second-to-last graduate class with an A-. At work, we launched a huge project. So while I didn’t add an item to my portfolio, my UX work only got better, matured a little more and was good enough for what I needed. My portfolio will always be on my mind & as I finish projects I want to of course document them, but my Year of UX project is sufficing for now.

Personal: Journal daily ❌

I didn’t literally journal every day. But I did journal! And the time I spent in my journal was dedicated and extremely helpful. It give me the chance to think, explore and wonder. It was satisfying and enough.

Residential: Clear junk out of our guest room ✅

My greatest accomplishment in March was FINALLY tracking down a contractor to fix a hole in our ceiling in the guest room and getting rid of a bunch of junk. All of this happened just in time for Pepper Jo & Danzig to spend the night in the bunk beds. (Which they loved…)

Out of this endeavor also came Now You Love Me Furnishings – our new furniture reviving hobby. It now has its own website and Instagram. Brian is really excited about it, as am I! It’s a good creative outlet and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Emotional: Read a memoir ✅

I read Jessa Crispin’s I Am Not a Feminist and it was fantastic. Quotes coming soon!

Dimensional: Get off Twitter for a month ❌

Instead of getting off Twitter for the month of March, I just unfollowed a bunch of people. (Some 300-odd people!) It felt amazing & my Twitter feed feels light and refreshing now instead of heavy and ominous.

I want to carry this simplified version of my life into April. I want to be even more relaxed, more accomplished, more healthy & more happy by May!

May already has two big events scheduled:

  • Graduating with my Master’s
  • Going to Paris

So I want to spend April building towards those events. I want to tackle April with confidence and pride.