State of the Galaxy: January 2017

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In conjunction with my already defined identity dimensions, my monthly State of the Galaxy reports will help me stay focused and thriving in 2017. Read more about my Identity Galaxy theory.

For January, I set the following identity dimension goals:

Physical: No beer, cheese or bread. ❌

Well, I was able to not drink beer until the last weekend of January. Cheese & bread barely made it a week. Healthy eating will apparently continue to be a struggle for me in 2017. I just have so much other stuff to worry about right now, I’m not prioritizing it. And I’m sort of OK with that for now.

Spiritual: Yoga multiple times a week. ✅

I did successfully add yoga into my weekly routine, by using the programs option on YogaGlo. I was really discouraged by my progress, but I did it. And for now that’s all I wanted to do.

Personal: Keep a weekly schedule & journal almost daily. ✅

I crated a weekly schedule template where I set daily goals and weekly goals. I then printed it out and used very bright markers to keep track of my progress. By using this system, I was able to journal almost daily. And I loved every moment of it.

Social: Set up a monthly charitable giving. ✅

I did this… TWICE. Once was to Planned Parenthood (before the Women’s March actually). The second was in response to the “Muslim Ban” executive order – the ACLU.

Financial: Don’t touch my savings all month. ✅

This has been a long-term problem, but this month I found a solution! I opened a second checking account at a different bank than my main bank. At the start of the last 4 months, I’ve been transferring money to that account for savings, and haven’t touched it once. I then keep some “oh shit!” money in my main bank’s “savings” & a little extra change in my Digit account. So that’s working out nicely, if still slowly.

Emotional: Finish reading a memoir. ✅

I finished reading What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding. I’ll share my favorite quotes soon.

Dimensional: Identity & solve a UX problem. ❌

I defined a problem but didn’t solve it. So I’ll be dedicating some time in February to solve the problem. (PS: My UX goals this year.)

Goals completed: 5/7