State of the Galaxy: February 2017

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In conjunction with my already defined identity dimensions, my monthly State of the Galaxy reports will help me stay focused and thriving in 2017. Read more about my Identity Galaxy theory.

Turns out February was a wasted month. I accomplished basically nothing on my to-do list. I was focused so much on possible opportunities I forgot to live in the present.

Here’s what I tried to accomplish in February:

Physical: Walk 3 times a week ❌

I think I walked maybe twice all month. This is the one I’m most frustrated with. But I have a plan for March that’s going to get my ass off a chair and out into the open air. Hopefully that, plus tracking my progress daily, will help me get prepared for Paris & get healthy again.

Personal: Journal ~ daily ❌

I only wrote in my journal a few times a week & didn’t discover anything deep. When I did write in my journal it was like I was writing on this blog… which isn’t the purpose of a private, offline journal.

Residential: Weed out clothes and donate them ✅

I was motivated one weekend to actually pack up about three bags of clothes I don’t wear anymore. But those bags are now just sitting in my car. I’m planning to stop at Goodwill this weekend to actually check this off.

Emotional: Pick a new memoir to read ✅

I read Drunk Mom this month & it was a really lovely memoir. It didn’t give me much to write about, but it gave me food for thought & a new perspective on addiction.

Dimensional: Sketch identified UX problem ❌

I didn’t even attempt this. I’m almost finished with grad school & then I think I’ll tackle this goal again.

Goals completed: 2/5

So where do I go from here? I’m setting my March goals right now & they’re all going to be about living in the moment and investing in the now. On to March!