Starting New Traditions: Shitty Valentine’s 🎳

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The first Valentine’s Day in a new relationship can become cliche quickly – nice dinner, chocolates, champagne, dressing up, putting lots of pressure on the night. Brian & I decided that we didn’t want to do the cliche. (Although, I LOVE nice dinners, chocolates, champagne and dressing up.) So we started going through our other options. Hiking? Cooking at home? Bowling?


🎳 Bowling. 🎳

We both love to bowl but had never made time to actually go bowl together. So it was a perfect choice. Then came the question of what kind of bowling? Really nice, “adult” bowling? Or really shitty, “regular” bowling? Enter our new Valentine’s tradition…

Shitty Valentine’s!

We went to the Dart Bowl in Austin. Paid $13/person for unlimited bowling. Ate bowling alley enchiladas, tacos and chili cheese fries. Drank bad margaritas out of plastic cups. And unironically drank shitty beer. It was perfect.

Here’s a few more pictures of our evening…

We’ve already started talking about our next Valentine’s. What will it be? Laser tag? Putt putt golf? Bocce ball? I can’t wait to find out! So cheers to Shitty Valentine’s 2017.  ❤️🎳️❤️️🎳❤️️