Preparing for Paris

View from the Maison Albar Hotel Paris Champs Elysées, one of my booked hotels.

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In just a little over two months, I’ll be flying solo for 10 days in Paris! It’ll be my first solo trip since my birthday retreat to Portland, OR, last June. And my first time to Europe – well, ever. I’ve had tickets since September for this May trip, but with only two months to go it’s suddenly real. And scary. And I have so much to do to prepare!

Here’s a few things I want to do before heading off to Paris:

Work on my cardio.

I’ll be walking a lot while there & don’t want to always be out of breath. My plan is buy a pair of walking shoes then spend March & April on a new challenge: Walking Lunches. (More to come on that.)

Buy new luggage.

I have a cute bag from Everlane, but that’s a weekender. I’m thinking of splurging on Away’s luggage. Or maybe a cute vintage set like this? But we’ll see.

Get my credit card ready.

I have a travel credit card… and I need to pay it off before going. My plan is to use that as my “budget” … for food and cases of champagne, naturally.

Research my phone options.

Since I’ll be solo in a foreign country, I really want the ability to use my phone. Not sure if that’s possible, but I need to do some research!

Make an itinerary.

Finally, the best part! Do some research. Make a list. Book my last hotel. Make reservations. Here’s how I planned for my previous trips:

Picking out must-visit cocktail bars and restaurants is by far my favorite part of any trip & always my favorite to plan. I’m so excited!

Have any tips?! Let me know!