The Identity Galaxy

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Ok, so stick with me here… Identity, as per my definition, is multidimensional. Its many dimensions create a web. Or, as I envisioned, a galaxy.

The Identity Galaxy

The Makings of a Galaxy

I wanted to explore this connection between identity, multiple dimensions and galaxies, so I decided to do some research. Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that a galaxy is composed of the following parts:

Stars, dust & gas
The building blocks of the galaxy; variety of types, old and new
Individual + clusters of old stars, dust & gas; also contains dark matter
Central Bulge & Galaxy Center
Primarily old stars, dust & gas
Primarily new stars, dust & gas

The Makings of an Identity Galaxy

So what does this have to do with Identity?

Stars, Gas & Dust

The building blocks of my identity. They take many forms — some are new or still forming, others are constant, others are dying or diminishing.

  • Dust is less formed but takes up a lot of space without having a lot of substance. (My perspectives & opinions.)
  • Gas is less defined, more exploratory. (My creative curiosity.)
  • Stars are formed, defined aspects. (My formed realities – daughter, web designer, writer.)


The glow that reaches as far into the darkness as possible. My broad identity, as viewed by the outside world. First impressions, memories, acquaintances, etc. It’s made of two parts…

  • Old Stars (previously established / formed realities)
  • Dark Matter (Unseen / unknown attributes)

There is no new life in my halo. Only things established, going out to just be or to die.

  • I’m a Texas A&M Graduate.
  • I’m a PGA tour daughter.
  • I grew up in Texas.
  • I married young.


The arms, full of new stars — reaching out as far it can — searching for new elements. It’s mostly formless up close, but unique when viewed from afar. This is my curious, forming & new self. It hast he most moving parts.

  • Searching for a new job.
  • Defining a new relationship.
  • Exploring ideas at work.

Bulge & Center

The thick mass at the center. Less visible from afar but full of life & detail. Vibrant when examined. This is the core of my identity. The force that holds everything together.

  • My bipolar brain.
  • My love of cocktails.
  • My experience with content strategy.
  • My introvert tendencies.

Actualizing the Identity Galaxy

There are three areas:

  1. Something new (disk)
  2. Something existing (bulge)
  3. Something diminishing (halo)

Each month, I’m going to pick one thing — a goal, an idea, a question — in each category to focus on. Like my “Health & Happiness” reports last year, I’ll report on these goals once a month. I’m calling them my “State of the Galaxy” reports.

In conjunction with my already defined identity dimensions, this will help me stay focused and thriving in 2017.