Rediscovering Love

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Six months ago, I drove to south Austin to have dinner with a guy I met on Tinder.

To be honest, Brian was a sure why not? guy for me on Tinder. He was attractive, but his profile didn’t say much about him. We chatted for a day then decided to meet for dinner. He impressed me by picking a time, day and place without any prompting. I loved his no frills, take-charge kind of way.

When we met at a little Cajun place, I hugged him hello. I’d later find out that wasn’t a great way to start the night. But oh well. We sat down and I overindulged on the Mojitos special. We shared some spinach artichoke dip, so for the rest of the night I assumed there was spinach in my teeth.

After sharing basic pleasantries, we just kept talking. As we talked, I felt like a bubble was surrounding us & we had endless time. Endless drinks. Endless laughter. Endless joy. Endless excitement. But of course there’s no such thing as endless. So we eventually had to stand up from dinner and go out into the night.

He suggested a bar down the road [YES YES YES!!!] and I *casually* agreed. I showed up to the bar and thought I forgot what he looked like. So I had to pull Tinder back out to check his pictures again. It was at that moment, I realized we’d never exchanged phone numbers and I was 100% sure he’d ditched me. But just as I thought that, he walked up to me and led me to the bar.

We found two lounge chairs in the bar’s outdoor area and leaned in to a conversation that hasn’t stopped for six months. That night, if felt like our conversation was pre-written. It flowed. It went in all the right directions. We ended up drunk, our faces close to each other. Practically kissing as we continued to share our stories.

And that’s how we met. I spent July through September falling in love with Brian. In October 2016, I moved in with him. I met his son in November and his girls in December.

And here we are at 6 months. Contemplating big moves and changes in our future. He teaches me love and acceptance – of myself as much as him. Our story is just at the start. I can’t tell the future, and I don’t want to right now. Instead, I want to live in the present. In love. Happy. Hopeful.

Happiest six months to you, my love. Thank you for showing me love I’ve never known. My silver lining. xoxo

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