My Word for 2017

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I decided a while ago what my word for 2017 would be… Identity.

Identity to me is made up of a few parts. It isn’t set in stone, it isn’t stagnant, it isn’t binary, it isn’t black and white. Instead, identity is multidimensional, ever changing, public & private, on a spectrum. It asks you to look, stop, reflect & know who you are.

I believe you can lose your identity if you stop pursuing it. It’s something that lives deep inside of you and produces an aura around you; it’s always present. Identity holds the markings of your past and the key to your future. And at its center are your truths.


the fact of being who or what a person or thing is

a close similarity or affinity

In 2017, I want to pursue my identity with passion, not longing. I want to stare my identity down and own it. I want to edit my identity. Curate it.

While pursuing health & happiness in 2016, I was dealt a hand that was hard — so hard I could barely look past my every day for half the year. I had to meet my most basic needs. While doing so, I failed to cultivate a deeper understanding of my identity. I actually lost my identity and didn’t have the strength to search for it. But I fought my way back to a life of health & happiness by the end of 2016, putting me in a great position for 2017.

The Many Dimensions of Identity

I defined some dimensions of identity that I want to focus on in 2017. Each month, as I set goals, I’ll be using these overarching dimensions (and their associated goals) to help guide me.

  • Physical- Get back to my pre-divorce weight
  • Spiritual- Start a yoga practice
  • Sexual- Take boudoir photos
  • Familial- Digitize physical mementos
  • Local- Join and be active in a club or meet-up group
  • Occupational- Get a UX job with growth potential DONE ✅
  • Relational- Invest in Brian <– My private journal has this as “Marry Brian” & as of April 2017, we’re engaged! ✅
  • Personal- Journal weekly at a minimum
  • Mental- Write about + study bipolar
  • Social- Donate monthly to a charity DONE ✅
  • Financial- Save $5,000 and pay off all my credit cards
  • Residential- Have a comfortable guest room
  • Emotional- Read a memoir monthly
  • Dimensional- Explore a UX problem monthly <– This turned into Year of UX ✅
  • Global- Travel to Europe (DONE) ✅ , Canada and Mexico

These multiple dimensions together form an identity web, which I’ve dubbed my identity galaxy. I’ve created a whole theory around a multidimensional identity galaxy — The Amy Galaxy — and will share about that later this week.

I’m looking forward to curating and owning my identity in 2017! As I have since 2011 (!!!), I’ll continue to share my journey here on this blog.

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